Organizations don't change, people do. There are very fast socio-economic  policy changes as well as technological influence across the globe which are affecting the people and the business.
Change has therefore become imminent for survival. Continuous Improvement in whatever we do is the order of the day to remain competitive.
Change is needed in the mindset, technology, processes, job roles and the organization structures. Therefore, there is tremendous need to prepare people for necessary changes as may be required from time to time to deliver better results.
Change Management is a discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt changes in order to drive the Organizational success and outcome. It is done at three levels :
(a) Individual (b) Organization (c) Enterprise
Out of the above, Enterprise change management is the complete program and is linked to the Core Competence of the organization. 
Our specialist team studies the organization and then plans out the complete Change Management Program to prepare Organization for all future challenges.