For any organization to be competitive, it needs not only tangible resources but intangible resources like Core Competencies. It is critical to manage and enhance the competencies in response to industry changes or change in market demands. 
In a race to achieve Cost cutting, Quality and Productivity, most executives don’t focus on developing a corporate view of the future because this exercise demands high intellectual energy and commitment. This difficult question may challenge their own ability to view the future opportunities but an attempt to find their answers will lead towards organization benefits.
Apart from Core Competencies related to Organization product portfolio, there are other management related competencies  e.g. developing industry foresights to adapt changes, discover other ways of controlling resources to enable company to attain goals despite constraints. New Business creation, developing point of view of tomorrow’s opportunities and building capabilities which is key to future leadership.
We focus on preparing the organization to deal with future challenges with respect to New products, Customer service, Marketing, Talent management and being Competitive. 
The process employed is simple, applied and progressive, easy to accept and adapt for building organization for future challenges.