In most of the Indian Organizations, not much attention is paid in designing the Organization's Architecture or to Systematic Manpower Planning. Result is that most organizations land up in excess manpower and comparative high cost of its Manpower. Both these factors significantly contribute to its restricting manpower practices, competitiveness and effectiveness. 
A lesson learnt from the best performing companies was to have a Lean and Flatter organization. All other payments then become part of profit. 
In all developing economies and old companies, it has been a matter of concern that their employee cost is double or triple than their younger counterpart for the simple reason probably because initially hiring was done to deal with the existing players at higher cost and with the passage of time doing same work led to cost becoming two or three fold compared to the replacement cost.
It becomes really a big problem for them to decide despite a tangible big cost as it involves a matter of comfort, confidence and sensitivity.
We specialize in studying such scenarios and plan our high cost exists with fair cost equal competencies (Identify ,Select, Appoint) for even critical positions maintaining high confidentiality and carrying out the implementation with ease.