17.Apr.18 – Mascot & Hedge is fine tuning its search

23.Mar.18  – Opportunities for Career Advancement & Enrichment

Mascot and Hedge will be organizing a series of specialized On-the-Job trainings and workshops in multiple functional areas e.g. Supply Chain, Operations, Manufacturing, Process, Quality Management, Digital Technologies & applications (practical, applied-focus & relevant for Mfg./service Ops) etc. in collaboration with our Industry partners. The content is designed to be useful for real situations, relevant and forward looking. This is potentially a great opportunity for professionals to equip themselves with desired knowledge and required skills in their chosen domain for their current as well as the future career path.
The first of these trainings/workshops will be scheduled around Jul – Sep’18  and detailed training agenda, schedule and methodology for each of the mentioned areas will be communicated in due course, tentatively around end of May’18 to shortlisted professionals who have confirmed their interest through the submission of the online form below.
The trainings/workshops are aimed at developing required skills for a candidate’s future career aspirations, with a sharp focus on enabling On-the-Job performance, Career Advancement and Employability in the chosen functional area, amidst a projected landscape of evolving Global Business environment.
Professionals who are interested may please fill in the online form below. Hurry, seats are limited.
Certificates will be awarded to all participants upon completion of training/workshops giving details of proficiency attained on specific skill sets in the chosen functional area.
For more details and the benefits for your career, you may please contact us at info@mascothedge.com


20.Dec.17 – Glimpses of 2017 at Mascot and Hedge