A proper Organization Design(Architecture) enables the organization to be able to continuously create value for present and future customers, optimising and organizing self. Its importance can therefore by no means be ignored. 
Organization Design may involve strategic decision and it is viewed as a path to effective strategy execution. The design process nearly always entails making tradeoff of one set of structural benefits against others. Many companies fall into the trap of making a very unthoughtful organization structure with certain beliefs and previous knowledge, keeping in mind the function which has got to be changed repeatedly for one reason or other with very little benefit to the organization. This often leads to cynicism and confusion within the organization. For proper design, clear objectives of the company and the Business Strategy and the forces in the market to be dealt with are necessary to be defined. 
Organization Design process varies depending upon the Phase i.e. Project – StartUp – Mature – Revamp, with major roles integrating with process linked with other roles, defining relationships, measurement and reward system followed by staffing and other tasks to be implemented.
Organization Design can be considered a subset of broader field of Organization’s Effectiveness and and Organization Development  and thus leading to a kind of work culture. Every work culture would need different type of Talent or vice-versa. Organization Design is also based on Technology, Industry type & dimensions and it is therefore quite complex to study and design appropriate organization for a kind of industry.
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