Our SCM Services span across the entire ORDER to CASH process and we can mentor, manage and improve one or more of the SCM processes of your B2B or B2C businesses.
What is common to the most successful & profitable businesses of today’s world?
These businesses generate increasing Revenues and Profits on a continued basis, but apart from this, these companies have created, nurtured and deployed an excellent and impeccable blend of Infrastructure, Process, Capabilities and Philosophy of meeting their Customer’s Requirements and Expectations consistently through time, which is far superior in all terms compared to the peers or competition.
Although the philosophy percolates from the CEO , the implementation and accomplishment of this objective of excellent customer service is led and brought to life through the Supply Chain Management (SCM) approach, process and system. SCM is an integrated and orchestrated approach to management of customer requirement, fulfilment and relationship through effectively delivering and meeting of market expectations, resulting into Customer Satisfaction, which is the key to achieving, increased Sales & Profits.
Therefore the answer to the question, "What is common to the most successful and profitable businesses of the world?" is Better SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT(SCM)
Effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) includes developing the Right-Fit Strategy, Objectives, Process, KPIs, Systems and a synchronized approach of :


A best-in-class Supply Chain is one where the flow of materials, money and information is well synchronized and optimized. The Flow in Right Quality, Right Quantity and Right Direction is very crucial to sustained Business performance.
Our research shows that the Customer’s decision to select a Product or Service is a Trust, demonstrated –
  1. In that product or service for its promise of Design(Quality included), Features and Innovation fulfilling requirement. These originate from the Organization, its Brand, its Values and Core Philosophy.
  2. In the promise of the organization’s consistent Capability, Commitment and Continuity (3C’s) of making the product or service AVAILABLE at the desired Time and Place, in the right Quantity. These originate from the organization’s Supply Chain and its Management.
Therefore, a customer through the decision to acquire a Product  or Service, in fact, invests trust in an organization’s Brand and Supply Chain concurrently. This underpins the importance of Supply Chain as a process and as a team working for the Customer and for the Organization.
M & H team brings to you, a diverse experience of developing the end-to-end Supply Chain process and Capabilities in an organization through a systematic step-by-step process, starting with gauging and understanding our Client’s expectations and requirements. We also have rich experience in planning and implementing suitable measures, projects, processes, techniques and systems to effectively fix and resolve Supply Chain issues with a long-term perspective into the future. 
The classic case of GST(Goods and Services Tax) roll-out in the Indian Economy clearly highlights the importance of having the Right Supply Chain process, infrastructure, systems and capabilities in an organization for successful achievement of Business objectives and meeting customer requirements effectively at the same time. Readiness for GST doesn’t only need knowledge of taxation and its cost impact but also a comprehensive review and Redesign needs of an organization’s Supply Chain Process for seamless transition and being ready for the Customer(s) trends of the future. Our team can assist you, not only in developing your Supply Chain process for the GST transition but also for the Long-term.