TALENT stands redefined in today’s context. It is no longer a set of standard skills. It is a very comprehensive concept and needs to include Subjective knowledge, Technical and Behaviour skills, Leadership skills, Innovative and Strategic thinking, Adaptability to different environments and exposure to IT environment. IQ and EQ both play a very important part.
Identifying, attracting and selecting a “Right Fit” for a role and positioning that Role and the Organization as an exciting option in today’s competitive world is the most difficult task. Another part of the challenge is validating the Credentials, Compensation and the Integrity aspects. 
Against the mushroomed unorganized “Talent Sourcing” market, we specialize to be different with a systematic search from Organization briefing to Talent Hunt, Screening, Detailed interviews and Assessment followed by recommending the most relevant profiles with all the necessary briefing to the other side. 
Besides this retention is another challenge which most of the organizations are facing as their key priority. Role, Empowerment, Leading potential, Growth potential, Compensation and Benefits, Working Culture and Company’s performance make a strong employment brand which attracts and maintains interest across multiple competencies and their social linkage. 
Tangibly demonstrating a commitment to the satisfaction of employees on “Key Parameters” is a crucial job that never ends. This requires a strategic thought process and a well-planned action generating a magnetic pull to retain employees as long as possible. Without a sustained magnetic pull, employees are willing to move on to the next opportunity to engage and apply their skills. ATTRITION is a substantial invisible loss with high cost. The “Pull” also helps in attracting the talent.
A great deal of advisory is offered in a structured manner to industries to deal with this vital aspect.